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Hoist Troubleshooting FAQ's

Hoist Troubleshooting FAQ's

Please see below for FAQ's regarding troubleshooting on hoists.

Please note: There is a built in safety device which means that after the hoist is powered up, it will only operate for 3 minutes either in the lifting or the lowering mode. After a lapse of more than 3 minutes without the hoist being operated, the safety device will prevent the hoist from operating. Simply power off the electrical supply and7power on again then press the remote control once more to activate the hoist to lower or lift up the lights.

P1. If you’re hanging fixture works (e.g. lights up) but your hoist doesn’t operate:

  • Have you checked the batteries on the remote? If the remote’s (red) light is either not activating at all or is quite dim when a button is pressed or if the remote just isn’t that sensitive, it is a good idea to try a new battery and see if this solves any issues. The remote’s battery can be found under the bottom panel on the back of the remote.
    Replacement remote control battery type: 23A12V
  • If you believe the remote’s battery is good, then there may be a potential signal problem. The effective remote range is around 15-30 metres depending on environment. Signal strength/sensitivity issues have been experienced where hoists have been placed near heavy electric conduits or near stage trussing and rigging. Try and find the location which has the best direct line-of-sight to the hoist, without interference from other items for best results.
  • Check the wiring of the hoist – power can be supplied to the hanging fixture from both ‘L1’ and ‘L2’ on the connection block; however the hoist will only operate if ‘L1’ has been supplied.
  • Is your remote still tuned in? The remote is capable of operating over several frequencies. The hoist and remote obviously need to tie to the same frequency. Remotes/hoists are known to occasionally become unpaired leading to communication problems, especially during installation, possible causes may be due to power fluctuations or surges during this time. To retune your remote to your hoist:
    • Switch off all power to the hoist;
    • Turn the power back on to the hoist;
    • Within 10 seconds and whilst you are within the remote’s signal range of the hoist (you are trying to retune) – point the remote at the unit and press and hold both buttons down on the remote and hold for at least 10 seconds. Your remote should now be back in sync with your hoist.

  • If you attempt to lower the hoist, as stated above, without at least 5kg weight attached, the locking pin will unlock (you may hear a clunk noise) but the hoist will not lower and you may also cause damage to the unit. NEVER attempt to force the cable back into the unit; you will cause the cable to birds nest inside the unit resulting in the underweight switch being permanently activated, due to the slackness in the rope.

P2. If your hoist works (e.g. lifts/lowers) but you’re hanging fixture doesn’t:

  • Check how you have connected your hanging fixture to the connection plate.
    • Your fixture needs to connected to the ‘N’ male connector and
    • Preferably ‘L2’ or both ‘L1 and L2’.
  • Ensure your connectors, on the connection plate, are firm and secure. Crimp them tightly. During rising and lowering the connectors may otherwise work loose.
  • Have you wired the black connection block (figure 2) accordingly. If you have attached your fixture to L2 on the connection plate, L2 on the block needs wiring. If you have attached it to ‘L1 and L2’ then you need to supply and keep supplied, ‘L1 and L2’ on the connector block.

P3. Neither your hoist nor hanging fixture work:

  • Check the wiring. Ensure everything from the consumer unit right down to the connection plate is wired as explained above.

P4. IMPORTANT if you are working with multiple units:

  • Trying to get a single remote to operate all units will not work.
  • DO NOT attempt to lower multiple hoists at the same time using one remote - you will encounter problems.
  • DO NOT attempt to connect a single object to multiple hoists. The hoists will not lift evenly and the load will therefore not be spread evenly – leading to extra load on individual units. A shift in the centre of gravity to a point which isn’t directly below a unit may also create undue stresses on the unit, shortening its life expectancy.
  • BE AWARE when trying to retune a remote that you are only working with one hoist. Power down all the hoists you are not working with and work with one hoist at a time.
  • IF POSSIBLE only attempt to lower one hoist at a time, unless you are sure that they are far enough apart that individual remote signals will not be ‘picked up’ by both hoists.

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