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Spare Remote
Spare Remote Spare Remote


Product code: ANR
Delivery Time: Stock product - usually shipped within 1-3 working days
Price inc tax: £29.95


Specifications Description
Product code: ANR
Dimensions: Height: 85mm x Width: 35mm x Depth: 11mm
Net Weight: 50g
Battery: 1 x 23 milliamp 12V L1028 (not supplied)
We have 3 different style of remotes available, please choose the correct remote carefully.

Programming of this remote into your unit is simple and easy and shouldn't take you more than 30 seconds or so.

To program your new remote into your hoist:
  • Ensure there is a working battery in the remote;
  • Turn off power to your hoist;
  • Turn power back on to your hoist;
  • Within 10 seconds of power up - hold down both buttons on the remote;
  • Hold buttons for ten seconds and release;
  • Your new remote should now operate your hoist.

If purchasing a second remote with your hoist we will test to ensure this works correctly.

If purchasing an additional remote after your hoist has been dispatched we cannot guarantee the remote will work with your hoist as some work on slightly different signals. It is advised to purchase 3 remotes and return unwanted ones.

Previous versions of our hoist remotes.


For more information about Spare Remote from our Hoist Accessories range, please contact us by filling out our online form and starting the enquiry with Spare Remote

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