Welcome to Bonds: Hoists

Our extensive range of hoists are suitable for almost all areas.

Initially specifically designed for the lighting market, to help with chandelier maintenance, our hoists have the unique ability of powering fittings when the hoist is in its fully raised state but not powering them when lowered - allowing safe maintenance, cleaning and bulb changing by untrained individuals, key in today’s health and safety conscience society. Since bringing this product to market however uses for the product have exploded, with these hoists now being installed in many high street stores, airports and other public and national buildings; for uses relating to shop and museum displays, sales promotions and security.

Our range includes hoists with varying lengths of rope and in either 230V or 110V, giving good flexibility. The hoist itself can be installed in roof voids or be surface mounted to the underside of ceilings. For surface mounted installations there is a decorative cover plate, to improve the aesthetics of the product, available.