Chandelier Hoists Information

The hoist is designed with simplicity in mind. It is slim, light (depending on the model), and has a steel base plate, making it sturdy and solid and is a completely integrated unit. There are no ‘loose’ components, the wire rope cable drum is internal, and there is no lowering of or coiled electric cable.


Your hanging fixture is plugged in when it is in a fully elevated position and unplugged when it is in a lowered position. The hoist is safe to work on when it is in this low position, as power is not supplied to the hanging fixture until the connector plate is in its fully raised position.

When the connector plate is fully elevated, it will auto-stop; and a safety locking pin will enable, to hold the weight of the hanging fixture, ensuring the wire rope is not under permanent strain.


The hoist has two methods of installation:

1) Flush to the ceiling and in view, where you may find the separately sold hoist cover plate to provide an aesthetic cover.

2) Hidden in a void space such as, in between floors, in an attic/loft or a false ceiling.


The hoist is controlled by a simple two-button remote.